Books or e-books: The Debate Continues

Yes, we'll be talking about the matter for a while--at least until it's decided--but I point out that the iPod has not destroyed the music industry nor even the CD manufacturing sector.

e-books, Piracy, and Stockpiling

One of the points often left out of the debate is that fact that present draconian copyright laws encourage outright piracy because a great many books are held in shackles by the laws which would have greater audiences and greater influence if they had broader distribution.  When was the last time you saw a book by James Gould Cozzens on anything other than a library bookshelf?  Oh, and did you manage to find the two volume Rider Haggard Biography sitting next to it? 

The continuous extension of copyright protection to works whose creators no longer can profit from them is detrimental to the continuation of the art.  How many lawsuits must we have over The Wind Done Gone before this becomes clear to us?


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