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The Most Beautiful Walk in the World--John Baxter

A book for those who love Paris and the thought of Paris.  John Baxter is a writer who has lived in places all over the world (Australia, England, and the United States, among others) andhas settled in Paris.  The book is a kind of tribute to Paris.  Starting with some personal recollections and experiences--including one fabulous story about a broken door lock on Christmas Eve, Mr. Baxter walks us through the history, literary and otherwise of his part of Paris.

The walks are sometimes literal--Mr. Baxter was tapped to replace a particularly dull tour guide for a small writer's gathering.  And sometimes they are metaphorical.  We meet mass murderers, thugs, and literary and artistic celebrities.  If there is one place that the book is lacking, it is in the world of music.  Surprisingly, there is little of it in the book, neither in the streets nor in the historical walks--perhaps not one of those things that Mr. Baxter has on the tip of his tongue.

For those who love Paris and w…