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Human and Humane

in the face of such
evil the only human
is apology,
is listening to the stories
you do not want
to hear or believe
and accepting them
as part of the world
you do not know
and then making
amends--truly setting
things to rights,
truly liberating the captive
who has been so long
languishing through
a sin--
not commission,
not truly omission,
but complete inattention,

It is indifference that robs
us of any trace of humanity--
the willingness to allow
things to be, so long as
they don't affect me or mine.

Indifference tamps down the cobbles
with which hate paves the pathway
to hell for all of us. Indifference
is an invitation to inhumanity.

Poem--The Clock That Opens Time

Standing at the bathroom sink
brushing my teeth
I think about the time
my brother pulled the golden
glass-domed clock
from her desk
and she cried and said
because it wasn't cylindrical
but more oval, the glass couldn't be replaced.
And I felt her pain and said
I'm sorry,
and felt that moment that
I was really talking
to her wherever she might be,
but she was for certain with me
and without her I am not
and then spoke the truth I saw
you had
some share
of the blame--
putting a thirteen year old boy
who wanted nothing
more than to be left alone
in charge of his little brothers."

And I still love you.