Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I heard the end of an era. . .

Or did I?

Two nights ago, as we were settling to sleep, a sound, like that of thunder, only louder, more powerful, shook the house and rattled the blinds.  Thunder, no being uncommon where I live, I thought it rather sudden and tremendously intense, but then my wife said, "I guess the shuttle has returned."

Yes, I can watch them as they go up from my front yard, and I feel/hear them as they come back to Canaveral. And this one, if I am not mistaken is the last of its kind.  Given the mood of the nation, I am a little worried about the fate of the program. But I know that NASA has plans if we can only find the money to fund dreams.

But see here for other possibilities.

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  1. Unfortunately, those who control the money dream only of re-election. They don't even notice the moon or the planets or the stars, much less think about going there.

    Perhaps our only hope is the profit motive.