Yetis and Wendigos--For Those for Whom It Is an Issue

Ever wonder how to distinguish a Yeti from a Wendigo--wonder no more--all is made clear.

from Monster
A. Lee Martinez

"And you believe you have a yeti in your freezer--is that correct?"

The words were beginning to lose their absurdity.

"Yes, I think so," she said, though she wasn't as certain as she had been five minutes before.

"Can you describe it?"

"It's big and white and eating all the ice cream," she said.

"What flavor?"


"What flavor does it seem to prefer? Yetis generally go for rocky road. Now wendigos, on the other hand, prefer strawberry in my experience."

"What's a wendigo?" Judy asked.

"Like a Yeti, except meaner."

Judy considered that this woman might be screwing with her. If Judy were working a lonely job in the middle of the night and got a crank caller, she'd probably do the same.

"It didn't seem to like vanilla."  There was an awkward pause. "I am not making this up."

There you have it.  If you encounter a Yeti-like creature in your grocery store's walk-in freezer, stop and consider what it is eating and you'll know if you have an Anthropohirsutus yeti or  an Anthropohirsutus (Wendigo) canadensis, not to be confused with the much smaller and often much more warm-season colored Anthropohirsutus (Wendigo) magnapeda.


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