Open Culture

Originally sent to the blog to hear F. Scott Fitzgerald read from Othello (see February 7, 2010), there is a tremendous amount of useful, interesting material on the blog--open source resources for culture--Open Culture, very nice.

See the construction of Fallingwater
Picasso painting on glass
An ultra-deep field 3-d tour of the universe
and others that may be of more interest to you.


  1. Thanks for the tip. This Open Culture site looks amazing. They've got a link to a video of Carl Sandburg reading his poem 'Grass'.

  2. Steven - thanks. There's hours worth of browsing on that blog. I love the Fallingwater reconstruction; captivating graphics that must have taken a lot of skill and time.

  3. Dear Praymont and Anthony--

    Truly amazing, is it not? Thanks for taking the time to comment.




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