Self-Refuting Positions

From a NZ Theology Geek--site looks most interesting.


  1. Thanks for posting these.

    Unfortunately, those prone to uttering such profundities never understand the significance of what they've just said, even when it's pointed out to them. I know--I've tried and failed to get them to understand.

  2. Dear Fred,

    Yes. I just had a similar experience on the legal side when I was required to sign a document that basically said that I was not required to sign this document. When I pointed this out to the originator of the document he at least acknowledged and provided a graceful out. But when it comes to deeply held positions, too often we are reluctant to examine what exactly it is that we have just said.



  3. Yes, especially when one feels it might weaken one's position.

    Sometimes I think many of us would rather be thought a fool than admit we are wrong.


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