Apropos Pun of the Day

Contemplated while sorting through my shelves

Torgny Lindgren is not all Sweetness and Light.

Those who have a passing acquaintance will know what I mean.


  1. But he is among the greatest and most original novelists alive. Why he has not been given the Nobel is a mystery.

  2. Dear Mr. Wilson,

    How wonderful to find another who is even aware of him. The internet truly makes available the wide world of readers. I couldn't agree more with your evaluation. The only thing I can figure is that they stand for too traditional a moral view of the universe. Once upon a time Francois Mauriac could win a Nobel Prize--but now that view is no longer respectable--hence Mr. Lindgren languishes without a prize. It doesn't matter, so long as he keeps writing.

    Thank you for commenting.



  3. Could you tell us a bit more about Torgny Lindgren?

    I checked the local library, and all it has is an international short story anthology with one of his stories.

  4. Dear Fred,

    This will require more than a simple response. I hope to compose something this evening to meet the need.

    Thank you for asking.




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