Australian Literature

For those as thoroughly unacquainted with a major English-language literature as I am, this list of Favorite Australian Novels comes as a welcome anodyne.

I know very little about Australian literature--I'm fond of On the Beach, A Town Like Alice, Picnic at Hanging Rock, and other things that probably do not rise to much more than popular literature.  I've heard both of the authors and some of the books featured here.  My favorite book containing Australian literature is Yorro Yorro by David Mowaljarlai , which contains some of the stories of the original people of the continent along with an explanation of some of their traditions and practices. I also recall a marvelous children's book set in the Dream Time--I'd have to comb my shelves to find it.

But my knowledge, considering that all of this should be readily accessible to me, is admittedly dismal--something requiring remediation.  Perhaps starting with Patrick White.

Note:  Another list of Australian Favorites that I bypassed in my reading yesterday--sorry Mr. Gums. It's really far too easy to overlook really good material on the internet.


  1. Oooh, this looks great! I read Oscar and Lucinda, and also The Thorn Birds (ha!) but that was it for me. I'll have fun with this list!

  2. Connie,

    It is wonderful, isn't it? Last night while at the library I was able to look for a few of these. Didn't find much on the shelves, but also didn't have the extended time I would like for browsing.

    I'm looking forward to finding a few.




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