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The Zen Leaf   (I was immediately attracted by the list of the potential rereads of 2010 and the presence on it of  As I Lay Dying, We (Yevegeny Zamayatin), and The Zoo Story (among others)

What I look for in a blog:  panlecturemia--a rare disease that involves the inability to avoid reading any material that comes to hand--in absence of a book, cereal boxes, the nutrition labels on cans, old grocery store receipts, cancelled checks (if you are so primitive to have any), etc.


an acute interest in an area of fiction that I have little knowledge of


an interesting way of commenting on things I have absolutely no interest in.

In short, in accord with my religious tenets--catholic reading.


  1. I wondered what that disease was called . . .

  2. Wow, thanks for noting my blog! I really appreciate it, and am spending the afternoon getting acquainted with yours.


    Cathy AKA Connie.

  3. Dear Connie,

    It is my pleasure--indeed as is your site. Was it there that I saw a proper disposition of Taxation of Non-Profit Organizations?




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