Retroactive E-Book Rights


I guess the appropriate line here is, coming from an erstwhile favorite, Lord Vader, "You have paid the price for your lack of vision."  Or if not, soon will.  All of publishing is up against the wall--Gutenberg has reentered the building, but we still think it's peachy keen to go on illuminating manuscripts while felling forests.

I love books.  I own way too many of them myself.  But I'm ready to embrace a way to carry my library with me wherever I go.  If publishers can't get that, they will perish--they are trembling on the rim of extinction as it stands--a breath either way and they are gone.  And I speak from within the industry itself--admittedly a small side-shelf, but nevertheless, one that is fully aware and feeling the press of recent developments.  Sometimes we excuse ourselves with the idea of waiting for the victor in the e-book race--but we should be setting the standards or contributing to the standards that will formulate the new e-book.  Rather than MAC and PC world, we should be looking at making E-book world with (as close as the industry will allow) one set of universal standards for delivery.  Then let the functionality weed out the unworthy.


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