I'm Profoundly Puzzled

(and yet deeply gratified and flattered) by the fact that there are people who live in Paris who are hanging out at my blog.  I can't imagine that it would be possible for Paris to become ordinary enough for me to hang around blogs--and yet there you have it! I mean I get why people from Columbus, Orlando, and Witchee-Watchee are hanging around the cafe--but Paris?

I hope someday I have the chance to plumb this mystery.  Same for London, Dublin, and other such places.

Deeply mysterious and wonderful.


  1. Imagine my surprise when it slowly dawns that this post that I'm reading may be talking about...me! It's like stepping into "If on a Winter's Night".

    Why am I here? Well, you have an interesting blog. (I've just discovered it.) More practically, I'm here because it's three degrees Celsius outside, I'm relaxing on my day off, drinking a pot of tea and eating a delightful (and very French) pastry after a late lunch.

    Paris is a magnificent place to live (I was just at the Louvre again last week) but it's still just a place: you have a job, you take the bus, you buy groceries.

    Now, back to reading your blog!

  2. Dear Pause,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. I think I picked Paris in particular because my son (11) has recently redone his room in Paris Cafe chic (circa 1920) and has identified as one of his life's ambitions "to go to Paris and sit in a cafe reading a book."

    I think I wonder at anyone who would be so kind as to give any attention at all to these comments, when they are surrounded by all of the interesting places and things to do.

    But Paris has long been a goal of mine, and I'm not certain how long it would take to get the "newness" out of my system. I lived in and near Washington D.C. for more than 10 years and couldn't get it out of my system.

    But you are most kind to drop by and comment, and now I'm particularly gratified that you find the comments here worthy of attention.

    Thank you.




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