Marilynne Robinson Reconsidered

I liked this review of Marilynne Robinson's Gilead, largely because it approximated my own view of the book.  In fact, I never finished the book for many of the reasons outlined in the review.  But it appears that reading Home may give me a leg up into the enjoyment of Gilead, and so I may try that.


  1. I read it for a book club or probably never would have picked it up. For some reason the rambling didn't bother me and the last third definitely brings it all together. I found it worthwhile and, as a comment on the cover said, "God haunted."

  2. Dear Julie,

    Yep--a great many shared your experience of it. I loved the language and wanted to love the book, but just couldn't bring myself there. I'm hoping by coming in through this back door I can grow to appreciate what a more discerning audience was able to grasp from the first.




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