Lovely Haiku

In a review of William Howard Cohen's To Walk in Seasons

What I really love is the introductory line to the post: Another older book I've read recently to prepare for the fall haiku session 

and I love it because I initially misread it to say: Another older book I've read recently to prepare for the haiku season

I love the thought of a haiku season, which for me, would be any season--but there's something resonant about thinking about haikus in seasons.

I'm entranced by the first of the haiku offered, and amused to the point of an out-right chuckle by the second.  But all of them are strong in their own ways--go and pick your favorite, and if you're inclined to, please let me know which it is.


  1. Steven, thanks for the nod and kind words - I forgot that not everyone is going to realize I've been talking about a one-shot haiku class I'm doing for life-long learners in the fall. The serendipity of session/seasons is rather lovely.


  2. Under the cherry shower
    water down the mountain
    turning stones to songs.


    I have to go with this one.

    "turning stones to songs"

    a very strong line--stones + water: song

  3. Dear Don,

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful post, and indeed, a wonderful site.


    I loved that one as well, for much the same reason. Thank you for letting me know.




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