Michael Chabon

A review of Manhood for Amatuers that makes me think perhaps I ought to take it up again--perhaps my initial queasiness at TMI was a mood-driven alienation.


  1. I read it recently, and I'm not sure you need to go out of your way. The most enlightening thing about it to me was that some of the essays read like a really good blog post, and it sort of de-mythologized the author-god impression I had of Chabon and gave him back his person-status.

    As far as his reflections on manhood go...not so impressed. I'm put off by his affection for comic books; his appeal to the nostalgia of 70s and 80s era objects and attitudes feels a little stale; and his moral positions are mostly incompatible with a Catholic sensibility.

    ...but it's fun reading nonetheless.


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