Another Enthusiastic Review for Tana French

Faithful Place reviewed

I started one of Ms. French's books--Into the Woods, I think.  The writing was superb, but the subject matter so intense and so deeply disturbing I could not read far into it, even though I desperately wanted to follow the characters.  If ever I find the intestinal fortitude to do so, this is one writer to read.


  1. Steven,

    Our mystery group read her first book and half the group couldn't finish it for the same reason. I read it and her second, Likeness. The same group is doing this one in a month or two so it should be interesting to see the reactions this time.

    I tried reading her third and had to stop. It's just as intense as the first two, but I don't care for Frank, the main character, so I saw no reason for continuing.

    I'll try her next one though.

    A great writer.


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