Maverick Philosopher Considers the Value of Truth

Is truth a value if Materialism is True?  Maverick Philosopher considers the question.

(And afterwards, go back to the top and page down for a fascinating discussion of the mathematics of infinite sets.)


  1. Really? It is better to believe in an illusion than face the truth?

    And he doubts the value of truth if materialism is true? [chuckle]

    I love that reasoning.

    And those who prefer to face the truth are blind egoists?

    And gloating over Hitchens' impending death. He clearly believes that this is god's punishment for Hitchens' unbelief. Is this what passes for typical Christian charity today?

    Mostly insults and putdowns, along with a few left-handed compliments, frankly.

    Hitchens arguments are valuable and worthwhile only in so far as they prove the value of freedom of speech.

    And no, I have never read anything by Hitchens. I'm just reacting to the article.

    Thanks for posting the link.

  2. Dear Fred,

    So, you got your money's worth from the article! Glad to be of service.



  3. I haven't read any Hitchens, but I have read some Dawkins. I see arrogance and self-righteousness on both sides, which really doesn't help make for a fruitful discussion.

  4. Dear Fred,

    Hitchens can be annoying and self-righteous--no question. I was particularly annoyed when ABC chose to have him as a commentator at Mother Teresa's funeral. However, as you point out--there are in both camps the non-irenic--those who foment the problems they claim to point out. For me the better practice is to much aware of the beam in my own eye and not quite so aware of the mote in my brother's--but with the best of intentions, we all fail.

    Your point is well-taken, thanks much for making it.




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