An Informed Choice

My faith is an informed choice. . .

I owe a great debt of gratitude these past few days to Frank over at Books Inq.  My fingers now know by heart the path to  "via Books Inq."  Thanks Frank.


  1. Steven,

    Thanks for the link. I thought it was great.

    "An Informed Choice": what a lovely and ironic title, because of course the choice is anything but informed.

    The Conclusion:
    "I have always been interested in religion in that way, in the way that railroad buffs are interested in trains. I am a hopeless high church junkie. And I am a Christian because I just plain like religion."

    I love the conclusion: it makes more sense than most reasons that I've heard or read. And, best of all, I think people who have this attitude are far less likely to use sword, gun, bomb, or force of law to force their beliefs on others than those who are convinced of the righteousness and sanctity of their cause.


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