Or, perhaps not really--perhaps just the spontaneous overflow that any parent might be subject to.

The son who lights the days and nights with the joy he brings to the house has been working, and I mean working hard--four to five hours a day--composing a new piece of music. 

When I first heard it, I was stunned.  He has composed other pieces of which I have been unduly proud in light of this most recent accomplishment.  He calls it Valse in C# Minor--Hommage á Chopin--(I suggested the latter half because he wanted to get the subject of his inspiration in the title).

Because I have always wanted to be a composer, I find that these compositions, regardless of what the world of music might think of them, move me nearly to tears.  And more so knowing that if all goes well, I will spend many years of my life hearing music no one in the world has heard--new music--a brand new creation.  It is overwhelming to think of--a sound that no one has ever heard before, and I am blessed to be one of those who get to hear it!


  1. Will a recording be made available on YouTube?


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