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I didn't realize how long the list would be, and worse, I find myself calling to mind on a more or less continual basis other authors whose work I forgot yesterday--and even typing this, yet another came to mind--Jane Yolen--how could one forget "The Devil's Arithmetic?" among others? Kara Dalkey, Kage Baker, Connie Willis. All of these with more than five. And I think Naomi Novik may be up to five at this point--I can recall the titles of four--but I think we're at five.

And in response to one comment, I've only made it through half of one of the Patrick O'Brien series despite having it recommended by the most unassailable sources. I just can't work up the enthusiasm necessary for the overall topic. I find the same problem with the spy genre which is why, except for Helen MacInnes, you don't see anyone in that field--although Frederick Forsyth and Ken Follett (mostly because of his two historical novels) approach the number. I've only made it through one and a half Le Carré's and two Len Deighton's.


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