"Parts of Ulysses Are Tedious"

Well let's just say that Mr. Anthony is not going to be getting any Club Joyce awards this week.

On the other hand, congratulations are due to him on finishing the book.  And also on recognizing that, like every work of art, Ulysses has its weak moments, its moments of churlish self-indulgence, its moments of its author being in love with the endeavor more than with the finished art.  That said, for all of its imperfections, Ulysses still stands at the head of the modernist novel, and as the font from which much of the twentieth century draws its art.  It would be an exaggeration, though I suspect not much of one to say that the 20th century literary novel is either a response to or an imitation of all or parts of Ulysses.  Its influence cannot be overstated.  (How's that for hyperbole?)

Congratulations on completing the book!  Another common reader (by which I mean merely, not a Joycean Scholar) has shown that Ulysses really is a book for anyone who cares to take it on (it is not exclusively, nor even predominantly, the realm of scholars).


  1. Thank you kindly, Steven. Weak moments aside, Ulysses will be reread in part and in whole many times. I am far from finished with this extraordinary book. Thanks for the encouragement.


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