Pointed Words Pointedly Pointed

I try to keep this blog G.  Maybe I venture into PG, but I'm afraid, in order to make my point the selection below must be regarded as PG-13, perhaps R.  But it's worth it.

from "Yours Will Do Nicely"
in Death Is Not an Option
Suzanne Rivecca

I could tell he was searching for an answer that would please me. "I don't know," he breathed, then kissed my face. "It's great. It's like I can feel you all around me."

I lowered my sweaty forehead to his shoulder and a sound came out, strangled and too weak for the feeling behind it, the sound you make in a dream where you try to scream and can't.  I was jealous. I wanted to feel myself all around me.
 What struck me about this the first time I read it was the poignancy of the last sentence.  The second time through, it seemed that the poignancy was finely balanced against an acerbic sense of humor signaled by the second-to-last sentence.  It's an ironic sentence, and I'll be the first to admit that I am basically tone deaf to irony; however, I'm finding this little collection compelling reading. It's fascinating to me because I really don't much care for the characters in some of the stories, but I do find myself practically dragged through the stories by the sheer vibrancy and power of the narrative voice.  I'll let you know what I think once I'm finished, but I did want to record this to come back to again and see if it weighs the same next time I encounter it.


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