Beyond Black--A Review

At Biblioklept, a review of Beyond Black

I may be one of the very few who did not think that Wolf Hall was all that.  I hold to my original opinion.  The writing and the technique tended toward a murkiness that added nothing to the overall story.  I did not find her prose enthralling as many seem to have done.  All that said, I must also add that I thoroughly enjoyed Wolf Hall and look forward to what is coming next.  And I've also eyed this book frequently.  Biblioklept's review makes me think that it might be well worthwhile to spend some time with it.


  1. I agree completely about Wolf Hall. I enjoyed Beyond Black a lot.

  2. Dear zmkc,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and to encourage. It is nice to know one is not completely alone in one's opinion, and even nicer to know that there is a treat in store should I take up _Beyond Black._ Thank you.




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