Poem of the Week--"The Candle"

As the editor notes in the article Katherine Mansfield is not known for her poetry; however, this small poem has a charm and a simplicity that resonate.  It is more like a prose poem broken into lines, but well worth your time.  As a bonus there is a link to an online version of Ms. Mansfield's "Prelude."


  1. I've never totally recovered from reading the amazing Pale Horse, Pale Rider, and I also can't forget that Mansfield was claimed as one of his main influences by Horton Foote, who changed my life by seeing my work for what it was.

  2. Dear Shelley,

    Thank you for the comment.

    I too enjoy Katharine Anne Porter and her magnificent short stories. She also produced one superb novel that flares as an indictment against the callousness that allowed the world to go to war against itself _Ship of Fools_.




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