Reflecting on Writing

Two posts worth your attention--from a writer's point of view:

"Don't Just Tell Stories--Ask for Them"

Unleash All of Your Aspects

In partial response to this latter, I would recommend as well spending some time to discover those aspects.  Who are you where?  In other words, does the environment change who you are and if so how and why?  But more importantly, what lies do you tell yourself to sustain a false image.  Look beneath that and discover aspects you've never wanted to look at--all the while remember that there is One who loves you regardless of what all of those aspects look like together.  Accept who you are and get on with living--everyone of us spends too much time in the closet.


  1. Thanks for these links, Steven. I particularly liked his observation about online monomania from people who are busy hawking things, as well as this: "Frankly, I don’t need to know all about you, everything you’re interested in, everything that you do. But I’d like a hint of some of it now and again." My favorite bloggers, I think, do that, aware as they are that the suggestion of a rich life makes for better reading than the mundane details of what they had for breakfast.


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