On Mishima's Temple

Temple of the Golden Pavilion reviewed and assessed. 

My opinion more than concurs, it coincides.  I've never been much impressed by Mishima, seeing his work often as one long rehearsal for his terrible and sad death. Like much of Sylvia Plath, one can only ask the question, why couldn't those closest see and help?  But then, even when one sees, I suppose help is only accepted in the mode of the receiver, who too soon passes beyond the pale of help.


  1. Does the Japanese culture view suicide the same way we view it?

    I have read a number of Mishima's works and find them worthwhile reading. Some make me uncomfortable by what I see as their harshness and cruelty, but I find that he does see a side of life that is present. Sometimes a dash of cold water is necessary to awaken one from a daze.


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