Wow! I'm So Proud of My Local College Students

The Big Cheat at UCF!


  1. And I thought I had problems with cheating and plagiarism in my literature and drama courses. This one takes the prize!

    I doubt that I could have been as controlled as the professor at UCF. Yes, he was angry, but I would have been nuclear!

    As it turns out, I unfortunately have occasions to weed out cheaters and plagiarists. The situation at UCF, however, is unbelievable in its scale.

    Note: I have forwarded this on to heads in my departments (English and Theatre), and I have encouraged them to forward this to the Business Department because they certainly need to know about a problem that probably extends beyond one campus.

  2. Dear R/T,

    I find it unaccountably distressing, given that I don't teach. But, there you have it!

    Thanks for writing and great to have you back.




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