The Lion's Roar

I've modified my plans (re West with the Night)  a bit from yesterday because what I wanted to include was so lengthy, that I think it better to advise you to look up the book and read the chapter.  However, to whet your appetite, I thought I might include one of the striking images that Beryl Markham conjures.

from West with the Night
Beryl Markham

The sound of Paddy's roar in my ears will only be duplicated, I think, when the doors of hell slip their wobbly hinges one day, an give voice and authenticity to the whole panorama of Dante's poetic nightmares. It was an immense roar that encompassed the world and dissolved me in it.

I can see what so impressed Hemingway in the writing.  It is vividly imagined and vividly rendered.  One can almost see Ms. Markham at her desk recalling the Elkington Lion and the incident that she recounts in so engrossing a fashion.


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