First Today, Then Tomorrow

If you are a writer, desire to be a writer, or are just curious about the writing life, you owe it to yourself to indulge in the occasional insights into writing that you will find at the blog referenced above.

Of particular interest in the recent past:

Maintain or Grow

You Have Permission to Do Nothing

The blogkeeper is, I am pleased and privileged to say, a friend from my days in the bleak midwest.  It is wonderful that the internet has afforded me this opportunity to keep in touch, even if only peripherally--something that would, in the past, have required more effort than I can presently expend in maintaining correspondence.  No, rephrase that, more effort than I am likely to maintain--I can do whatever it is that I deem worthwhile--it's just so easy to dismiss really important things because of the trivia that crowds the scene and demands your attention.


  1. Thank you, Steven. It's very kind of you to feature my work.

    I do enjoy the light, but continuous connection that our separate online efforts provide. Like you, I don't often take the time for real correspondence, but it is so nice to see your posts and be reminded of you.


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