Protesting E-Book Prices

Stars fall as Kindle readers rate their displeasure

What most interests me here is the fact that there is now a large enough base for this to be news.  The reality that publishers had better face soon is that the marketplace is subtly changing.  Books will not go away, but neither will e-book readers countenance exorbitant prices.  What will happen (and already has) is that people will cease to buy the e-books and get them from any number of readily available internet sources.  This will probably not make a dent in publisher profits, being no more profound than the effect that of us who library use v. purchase.  But I find the displeasure fascinating.  More I find the robust audience for e-books encouraging.  The industry will change and the group that comes up with a model for assuring quality while keeping price down will ultimately earn profits and remake a portion of the industry.  The big publishers are only digging their own graves with this kind of blinkered protectionism.


  1. Too so-and-so right, baby. Vive la revolution. Power to the people. And all like that, as Mr Kojak used to say.


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