On the Many Meanings of Gay

"Is It Okay to Say 'Gay'?"


  1. Perhaps unexpectedly, I rather liked this column -- and agree with the author that homosexuals should NOT go bonkers every time "gay" is used to mean "dweeby" or "lame."

    On the other hand, I find myself fervently wishing that "gay" did not carry its current connotation whenever I read E E Cummings:

    may i be gay

    like every lark
    who lifts his life

    from all the dark

    who wings his why

    beyond because
    and sings an if

    of day to yes

    Oh, holy mackerel -- would you believe that the "word verification" for this comment is "vellygai"?

  2. Dylan,

    I couldn't agree more. The usurpation of the word to a cause is troubling because it makes some things mean so differently because it is so thoroughly embedded.

    As you point out with cummings.




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