Mark Atathakis Shows His Usual Good Sense

"Yesterday I was a guest on Minnesota Public Radio’s Midmorning program to discuss the National Book Awards and the upset win of Jaimy Gordon‘s racetrack novel, Lord of Misrule. (More on that book soon.) Asked to suggest a couple of books the NBA judges might have considered short-listing, I put in for Yiyun Li‘s Gold Boy, Emerald Girl and James HynesNext."

I haven't read Next yet, but to see it juxtaposed with Yiyun Li's latest is a mighty incentive.  Later this morning more about Yiyun Li.  Now--go read Mark.  There's a great little video embedded of Gish Jen at Boston College.  "Writing a book is like growing a tree. . ."  There is so much she says that is worth hearing and internalizing.


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