A Kiss Before the Apocalypse--Thomas E. Sniegowski

A Kiss Before the Apocalypse features an angel detective whose routine work on a divorce case rapidly escalates into a much more serious matter--indeed the matter glossed in the title.  The premise is intriguing, but I wasn't persuaded by the handling of the topic.  Too many liberties were taken (it seems to me) both with the concept of angels and the concept of War in Heaven.  Additionally, I was struck by the essential misunderstanding of the Fall--I kept wanting to say--"They FELL, they weren't pushed or thrown."

Setting aside my reservations about Angelology, I had some problems with the story just trying much too hard to involve me and make me go with our protagonist.  There were just too many disjunctions for me.

All of that said--the story is fast-paced and for those more forgiving of some of the defects I've outline above is likely to be engaging and interesting.  It falls into that large genre of "regularizing" the supernatural, and as such, thought distasteful to me, may be fairly successful at what it attempts. 

***--Need some light reading, why not give it a try?


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