I'm More Millenial than TSO

How Millenial Are You?

I scored a 12--he only got a 7.  Guess I'm marked for life.

I should note that changing just two answers bumped me up to 67.  (It said video games, and I always think WII and such, but reality is, I played iPad games and that may count even more than video).  And I always have some trouble characterizing my political views. There are some who think of me as a progressive/liberal (which would cause great gaffaws from the progressive/liberal camp) and when a progressive/liberal looks at me, I am incurably and insufferably hidebound and conservative.  So, making no one happy in either group probably lumps me as post-millenial--what do you think?


  1. You young whippersnapper you!

  2. I got a 7, which is just a bit higher than the silent generation's score of 4.

    That's appropriate, for that's my generation.

  3. An 8 here, which was higher than I expected.


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