Harry Potter and Religion

A consideration of the Christian elements of Harry Potter.

Not to put too fine a point on it--both the supporters and the detractors, it strikes me, are grievously misled.  To say that there are Christian elements in the book is about as astounding as saying that there are Christian elements out and about in Great Britain.  To contend that these are a retelling of the Gospel story is about as meaningful as saying that they are a retelling of the Isis and Osiris tale.

When you get down to it--Rowling spun a fine tale over a span of seven books.  Much could be said about the need for improvement in several elements of the writing--but I know that I waited for each new book and I enjoyed each, whether Christian or otherwise.  And I think we should not spend too much time worrying those elements.  As with Tolkien, one can read and enjoy the works whether or not there is anything deliberate about the Christianity in them.


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