"Daintie Fine Bird. . ."

Some information about Orlando Gibbons's "Daintie Fine Bird" a Madrigal for 5 voices.

I mention this because I was listening to Pandora when this came on and it just stood out from the other brilliant and refined pieces of the age.  Glorious, silvery, and sounding entirely like the religious music of the age.  Music to be taken seriously and to be savored, sipped, and taken in small amounts, a cordial.  A cordial of melancholy, to be sure, and yet, so very lovely.  I hate to ask the trite question--but is there similar music today?  Is there the same silvery, lingering sound that will resound long after its makers have passed?  Obviously, I don't expect madrigals, but I do wonder about the substance sometimes of music--how well it will endure--Lady Gaga can excite the crowds at her concerts, but I'm not certain that I expect "Poker Face" to be placed alongside Orlando Gibbons, or even, to be honest among the more rustic tunes that come down to us from that time.  But this is where the magic mirror grows silent and we are left only with the reality of the test of time.


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