The Capital of North Korea

Pyongyang reviewed

I will say contra the blogger I reference that I really enjoyed this work--much more than I expected to actually.  I don't turn to graphic novels for anything particularly serious (yes--I know there is probably much of merit I am overlooking by this attitude--I'll seek to adjust it after I finish writing this entry).  But honestly, I don't know how the sheer bleakness and pale horror of the North Korea regime could have been better conveyed.  I'm not certain that the word pictures I might have received from a straight memoir would have done justice to the experience.  Perhaps that is because I haven't read such a memoir--but Pyongyang really struck home for me.  I read it some time ago--several years--but I still remember bits and pieces of it--visiting the museum of international gifts, for example.  If you have access to it, I would recommend at least glancing at this remarkable book--it might give you new insight into a little-known portion of the world.


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