Beckett in Dublin

Did I mention that the first time I was here, toward the end of the trip, I went out to a small theatre off Grafton Street to see Riverdance?  I had less than zero interest in Riverdance as an experience; however, I had tremendous interest in Riverdance as a piece or reflection of Irish Culture, and where better to see it?  Well in my perambulations yesterday, I passed through the grounds of Trinity College three or four times and came to discover than on my last night in Ireland this time, there will be a performance of Samuel Beckett's "Happy Days" that I could attend (if money and stamina hold out.)  And I ask, other than visiting all of the sites of Ulysses and pondering the lack of dark on an Irish Summer night (a subject that continues to fascinate, enthrall and captivate my imagination--think--the entire "Night-town episode in what would amount to the complete dark of an average day at 2:00 pm), what could be better than Beckett in Dublin?  I'll let you know if I decide to take advantage of this opportunity.


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