Just Shows How You Can't Trust Even the Finest Critics

Just goes to show you how you can't trust even the finest critics when their agenda gets in the way

Harold Bloom on The New Testament--and he couldn't be more wrong about the Apocalypse--in every way and every nuance.  It's remarkable how many people are utterly insensitive or hypersensitive to aspects of this book.  My wife absolutely despises it and is horrified by it--I find it hypnagogic and utterly fascinating.

What I find too often in Bloom is vast and general critical statements made on the basis of personal like or dislike of the content and not on the merits of the work. When he likes a work he seems to be able to do a remarkable job of focusing on germane and valuable elements of it.  But as with Poe, and St. John, when he doesn't care for the content, he does not seem to be able to separate that from a discussion of the quality of the work.

But then, I'm a big one to talk.  Ever at your service pulling the mote out of your eye, while knowing you over with the beam in mine.


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