My version of the Religion Quiz

Because I circle in a group that tends to have intense religious interests, I can say that if I were to pose the same quiz, it would look more like this:

(1) What are Halacha? (please pardon transliteration) How many?  How do they (if they do) compare to Shari'a law?

(2) What is the word for the dietary laws observed by Muslims and from what source are they derived?

(3) Name the most famous avatar of Vishnu.

(4) What are Jains?

(5) What are the towers of silence, what is their significance,  and to which religion do they belong?

(6) What is the tao and who are the two most famous teachers?

(7) What is the difference between a Mughal and a Muslim?

(8) Of which branch of Islam was Rumi a teacher?

(9) Who is Moses Maimonides, what is his best known written work,  and by which name is he better known in the west?

(10) What are conversos? Which prominent Saint is thought to have come from a converso family?

(11) What is Mohism? Who was its founder?  What are its principle teachings?

(12) What is Santeria and from what is it derived?

(13) What is animism and what is its principle form in Japan?

(14) For what is St. Simon Stylites best known?

(15) What is the ka'ba (qa'ba)?

(16) What is the wailing wall and what does it represent?

(17) What is Mahayana?

(18) What are Sikhs and what is one of their distinguishing articles of apparel?

(19) How do Hutterites differ from Amish and Mennonites?

(20) Who was the founder of the Shakers?

Now, to me, these are religious IQ questions.  And I'm only scratching the surface because outside of Christianity and some Judaism, that is all I really can do.

That said, I guess if you can't tell me which religion Mother Teresa practiced, you'd be hard-pressed on any of these.  However, if one seeks the truth in faith, it would seem that one should seek the truth wherever it is, not necessarily just where one is.  I have found a home, but I have found a home after long wandering and much discover of good things in all faiths--signs of the presence of God.  I just happen to be convicted by one of these much more than any of the others. 

With the thought that some  people might want to take a stab at answering, I'll withhold the answers in the comments.  If no interest, then I won't bother with the answers.


  1. I got 15/15 on the other quiz--and was appalled to find that I scored better than 99 percent of the population--but I could answer only 13/20 on yours...


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