Seeking to Scratch that October Itch

And have already tossed aside your well-worn editions of Shirley Jackson.  Stephen King not to your taste?  Looking for Lovecraft that isn't Lovecraft?

Well you could do worse than to check out The Literary Gothic,  a site that I have been perusing for what seems like forever at this point (but obviously cannot be).  Collected here are a great many public domain texts--books and short stories.  You can find a great many of the works mentioned in H. P. Lovecraft's magnificent essay "Supernatural Horror in Literature,"  indeed, as the link indicates, you can find the essay itself.

Additionally, you can find works by Vernon Lee, J Sheridan Le Fanu, Mary Wilkins Freeman, Maria Edgeworth, Matthew "Monk" Lewis; in many cases you can also find critical essays and biographical information to accompany the works. 

So if you're looking to head into October Country, this could be your one-stop shop.


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