Questioning Prayer

Ah, so now we can make out that any prayer is an intrusion and therefore an aggression.


But is it really a "nice gesture" at all? There's clearly something suspect about the motivations of those in Hitchens's first two squadrons, but the blunt disregard for the wishes of the person at the heart of this human tragedy leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, all too familiar from the pope's demands that Christianity must maintain a central place in modern life.

I, for one, will continue to pray for Christopher Hitchens's return to health, not in spite of Hitchen's himself, but because my faith requires it.  Further, "No man is an islande. . . send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee."

Additionally, prayer, for whatever reason, is turning toward God in supplication, as at a Father's knee, and even if there is no cure for Hitchens nor any conversion, it little matters, because the effort itself is an act of love, for God, and for a fellow traveler and sufferer.  Life must be lived compassionately--prayer allows us to enter into the passion of others and to bear some small part of the burden. 


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