Poetry, Poetry

First, Thomas Merton on Fall


The Poem of the Week: Wind by Sydney Dobell, to understand which, you must partake of the excerpt below from the explanatory article:

Dobell, a prolific writer, was one of a group of poets dubbed the Spasmodic School (other members included Alexander Smith, Gerald Massey and Ebenezer Jones). The characteristics of their style have been variously described: "violent meter, egoistic disregard for community", and, according to Coventry Patmore, "tawdriness, bombast and imbecility".

To say that it is bad simply doesn't scratch the surface of its execration. Go, enjoy.

From Issa's Untidy Hut, Dew on the Grass, Poems of Issa 

The there is "Dirge in the Woods" a poem by George Meredith and another by Po Chu-I


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