The Golden Age and Edmund Crispin

Ah, it has been too long, and I had forgotten the joys of Edmund Crispin.  While I don't agree with the blogger on either the generalization nor on the best of the Golden Age, I appreciate his gentle reminder of Gervase Fen.  The Golden Age of the mystery is simply too vast and too varied to be so easily boxed up and put away from Ronald Knox to Hake Talbot to Ellery Queen, and yes, even Rex Stout--who is certainly the American side of the Golden Age.


  1. Steven,

    I've read a number of the Fen mysteries and agree that they are great fun. Recognizing the literary references are part of it. It is clear that the mystery is not that writer's favorite genre or he wouldn't have made that simple minded generalization.

    I wonder what the writer says about SF, which presumably is the favored genre.


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