Dublin Today

Today was a lovely Dublin day--overcast in the morning, but clearing in the afternoon to give a fine view of the Dublin Mountains crowned with low lying, but puffy white clouds.  Not much rain, and what there was came after I had walked back from the office to my hotel--just enough to make going out to dinner a little dicey without an umbrella--but as I had one, I was not in the least perturbed.  I walked around to The Pig's Ear, which is a restaurant on Nassau that I favor largely for the really excellent shepherd's pie and a Dublin confection that is simply unmatched called a gur cake.  (Look it up, it is too difficult to describe, and too delicious to do justice to in the few words I have before resuming work. Wonderful thing about Dublin, you can work an entire work day, go out to dinner, and then work your American job as well, catching up on the events of the day.)

Dinner was somewhat disappointing because as I had had ground lamb en croute for lunch, I chose Salmon for dinner and confirmed my strong dislike of the oily pink fish that is Atlantic Salmon.  This fish bears absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the firm and lovely, King, Sockeye and Cohoe of the west coast.  The accoutrements of the meal were fine being some sort of sour cream champ and beets and beet puree.  (Beets are one of my very favorite things in the whole world.)  And it was, of course, topped off with gur cake, which can wrench even the most wretched meal out of the doldrums--and this meal was far from wretched--as it is beyond the pale that The Pigs Ear could serve anything but the finest.

After evening work, I plan to take the less than 100 m jaunt over to Trinity College campus and have a look about.  There is an evening illuminated exhibition of twenty or more "extreme sports" photographs in front of the carillon or gazebo, or whatever that structure is that sits just inside the green opposite the gate that Goldsmith and Burke assiduously guard.

Later this week I must make the attempt to walk up by the Castle and perhaps to the Cathedral. We'll see how it works out.

Reading Dubliners and I'm well through some of the shorter material having taken in last night and today "After the Race," "Two Gallants," "The Boarding House," and part of "A Little Cloud."  Tonight I'm thinking to get through "Clay," not certain I have the wind for "A Painful Case."  That would leave me four before "The Dead" and then there's Portrait to deal with as well.  It's running in Parallel and I could perhaps finish both before leaving.


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