Desperate at the Airport. . .

My iPad had mysterious not charged and suddenly I was faced with a nine hour flight with nothing to read.  Sure, inflight movies might take up some of those, but I couldn't see getting on a plane with nothing.  I prowled through the bookstore looking for something besides airplane reading.  I was tempted first by Mockingjay and then by several authors in the "Irish Fiction" section.  But I finally stumbled upon Peter Carey's Parrot and Olivier in America at such a good price, I picked it up.  I've tried it from the library and it simply did not captivate me.  It didn't really stir my imagination.  So, I read a few pages and realized that the need for something to read had put me in the mood. 

Well, I haven't finished it yet, but I am finding it compelling reading.  I'll let you know how it works out.  But it is, along with a new and very nice translation of Natsume Soseki's Kokoro my current reading.


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