I Just Need to Say that I'm Not Surprised

Producers of one of the single most tone-deaf translations of the Bible in recent years, the USCCB makes yet other unneccessary changes.


  1. Steven, I'm inclined to think that almost ANY translation -- RSV, KJV, Confraternity of Catholic Doctrine (1954), Msgr Ronald Knox, the Douay-Rheims, any translation -- would be better than the collection of cacophonies that is the New American Bible. I mean, "Learn from the way the wild flowers grow" for "Consider the lilies of the field." What the ...?

  2. Dear Dylan,

    Yes, it is ear- and heart-crippling--a leaden thunder of a translation with no edge of the transcendent. As you note, I prefer to read almost any translation, or for that matter paraphrase. If there were not already enough to drive people away from the faith, this one work might prove sufficient.




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