"Howl": The Graphic Novel

Yes, a graphic novel edition of Allen Ginsburg's poem "Howl."


  1. I tried to get into Ginsberg back when i was reading everything of Kerouac's I could lay my hands on.. I just couldn't do it..

    I couldn't manage it with Burroughs either.. I just find them both to be too revolting personality wise for me to be interested in their work..

    And the more I learned about Ginsberg and Burroughs the less I began to like Kerouac out of association with them...

    At this point I prefer Ken Kesey...

  2. Dear Lagomorph,

    First, love the moniker--thank you so much for posting just so I could see that.

    Second--agreed--I share the same problem, although I never much cared for Kerouac either--I can see the appeal, just didn't latch onto it myself.

    Thank you.




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