What's The Word. . . Oh, Yeah, Evil

Assange and Bakunin

via Books Inq.

Assange has expressed indifference to the harm that might be done to innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq as a result of his unredacted disclosures. When Amnesty International warned him of the likelihood that the Taliban would kill named informants and human rights activists, he flippantly dismissed such criticism by saying, “I’m very busy and have no time to deal with people who prefer to do nothing but cover their asses.” (The Taliban, meanwhile, have set up a commission to compare a list of 1,800 Afghan informants with the names that appeared in WikiLeaks.)

When one gives one's own life on a principle, that could be noble.  However when one is indifferent to the lives one destroys--is there any word other than evil to describe the attitude?


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