Amazing Sensible, Sensitive Advice

"Why I Avoid Both the Catholic Left and Right"

Thanks to Dylan for this link from Facebook.

Advice for everyone who engages in theological discussion:

My response had basically been: If the discussions frustrate you, DON’T ENGAGE IN THEM. Figure out what you’re for, not what you’re against. The road to Christ is lonely, long, and almost unbelievably rocky, and though it takes place in community, we have to also walk it alone, often in great anguish and distress, often for decades if not our whole lives.
Figure out what you are for--not what you're against.  The statement is such a basic Christian attitude, or at least should be.  Christianity would be better for it.  Christians would be better for it.  Society at large would be better for it.  Mother Teresa did this as she tended the poor in India.


  1. Steven,

    I agree here. I find that so many, on both sides of the debate--believers and nonbelievers--spend so much time arguing with, debating, or attacking their enemies, real or imaginary, that I think they have little time to actually practice their beliefs.


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